Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A new home...

We loved all the network packets of love that you sent our way so much (not to mention the stalkers) that we decided to move out and get a new address where our personal Web servers can all day play the perfect host (think Norman Bates) to the most important person on the Web - You! (No this is not a Yahoo! advertisement)

Our new address -

So come over and check out the geekiest office party on the Web (we've got lego blocks and pom poms). And we are just getting started...

Disclaimer: Road transport still sucks in India. So a few of our latest comics may not have shown up on the new site yet. If your favorite is one of them then please do not initiate all-out riots on the street till end of week at which point they should all be up on the new site.

As always feel free to ping me on Twitter @geekykarma (but remember as I said last time, I can not help you find a girlfriend so please don't ask).


  1. hi,
    I found this blog through indiblogger on the forum u had asked 4 a review. Seriously i loved ur blog... its really geeky humor.. really the humor is profound great efforts and thoughts are put into the comics. I will surly get back to it frequently n follow it.


  2. Come over to That's where all the action is right now. :]